BNPL-as-a-Service for Payment Service Providers and Financial Institutions

Do you process payments for merchants? Online in e-commerce, or also at the point of sale? Your customers are merchants, and your services revolve around payment or financing? Payla enables you to offer merchant customers your own payment products around open invoicing and installment.

Our offer

Real White Label products

With Payla products, you can offer your merchant customers an optimal portfolio of payment methods without handing over or sharing your business relationship with the merchant. Providing your own “Buy Now, Pay Later” products becomes a vital part of your checkout offering. 

These products will bear your name, and you will be able to configure them. Payla stays in the background towards the retailer and the consumer. At the same time, Payla is also a full-service provider. You design the product and determine all commercial aspects. Payla takes over everything else: Technical processing, risk management, accounts receivable management, customer support for retailers & consumers, and the refinancing of receivables.

Pay by Invoice

Pay by Installments

Pay by Direct Debit

Why Payla?

The most advanced BNPL solution for your merchant customers

We provide your business with the most advanced BNPL solution for your merchant customers. Payla is the best solution if you want to offer your merchants products in the areas of purchase on account, installment purchase, and direct debit.

Extensive Expertise

We understand purchase on account, installment purchase, and direct debit like no other: The founders of Payla have worked in the BNPL space for years, directly or as a service provider for all BNPL industry leaders in Germany. This accumulated expertise as a team has flowed into our new platform. And we love what we do! So we created a new generation of BNPL software to be easy to integrate into your payment platform.

Proprietary Platform

Our products and services are entirely self-developed. The platform is created and maintained in-house, including technical processing of the payments, risk management, refinancing, and customer support for merchants and consumers. It also enables us to adapt each component to your specific requirements and ensure that the product fits your overall product landscape. Alternatively, you can easily use our standard, which you can quickly integrate as a “Plug & Play” solution. It takes days, not weeks, to integrate our products.

True white label

Payla is a proper “white-label” provider – we do not compete with our payment and banking customers by offering our services directly to merchants, promised. And also contractually agreed on. Payla is not a consumer brand. The consumer is the retailer’s customer. And the retailer is your customer. And you want to offer the customer the best products for purchase on account and in installments, under your own brand, and tailored to your product portfolio. So the roles are distributed cleanly. That’s what we stand for.

Fast integration

With Payla, you don’t have to deal with old standards and outdated interfaces. We’ve built our platform to be integrated in days, not weeks. First, you connect to web services via a RESTful API, and then you are free to configure the products you want to offer to your merchants. There is only one legal and commercial framework to be signed. After that, you can sign up as many merchants as you want and serve them with your new BNPL products.

Full Service

We won’t let you down when it comes to operations. Payla offers full end-customer support via email, phone, and chat. On request, your merchant customers can also receive support in using and operating the products, from onboarding to analyzing their end customer portfolio. You will also receive monthly evaluations on a merchant basis to support your sales and customer support teams.

Future Proof

At Payla, we are constantly developing our products, and we add new functionalities regularly. We also deal intensively with current regulatory requirements and take care of the important topic of data and consumer protection. We also address important industry topics like responsible lending for consumers. Your products, provided by Payla, should have a clear value to merchants and consumers.


With Payla’s products, you can offer today’s most attractive “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment methods to your merchants, completely free of risk. Because we only charge you a flat rate, regardless of whether the end consumer ultimately pays for the goods from your merchant customer. Any default on payments – due to credit or fraud – is reimbursed by Payla. You do not carry any risk on your side. This way, you can earn money from every one of your merchant’s sales without taking any chances.

Payla works with some of the largest European Payment Providers. We are happy to provide you with more information about the products we implemented for them. Feel free to contact us.

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We are a real “Remote First” team that came together to build one of Europe’s best payment service providers. We are experts in “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment methods and are building a new generation of products and services for this very reason. We are a “white-label” supplier, so we focus on the quality of our products and less on brand and marketing. We build more and market ourselves less. Our customers appreciate that.

We are not interested in where you live and how you have organized your personal life. We are interested in whether you can and want to support us in our goals. Feel free to check whether we have an exciting work challenge for you:

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